Passion Alley boutique – owned by fashion designer Vasia Tzotzopoulou – is located in the heart of Kolonaki, offering a unique shopping experience to its visitors since 2002.

Vasia Tzotzopoulou was born in the city of Grevena and graduated from “Veaki” Drama School. She worked as a professional actress for eight years, before devoting herself to fashion and launching Passion Alley. Through the boutique she expresses her creativity every day, using the window and shop floor as a stage and the people coming in as the protagonists.

Passion Alley is a women’s place. The space challenges you to explore it and discover what suits you through a combination of internationally renowned avant-garde designer brands and Vasia’s creations. Aimed at women who are not restricted by trends but define them.

“At Passion Alley I collect the elements that I foresee as the next fashion statement. I refuse to showcase garments because they’ve become bestsellers everywhere else, instead I challenge myself to identify them before they become a must-have. I travel a lot, to acclaimed fashion destinations and not only, looking for fresh ideas and inspiration in all kinds of creative expression.”

Vasia Tzotzopoulou.